Rice Полтава – Доставка їжі і суші євро-азіатської кухні
Rice Полтава – Доставка їжі і суші євро-азіатської кухні
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Our Mission

This is a young restaurant with big ambitions. It has occupied its niche in our city recently and is developing its direction with complete confidence. At the heart of the RICE food concept lies Euro-Asian cuisine, which is a symbiosis of the gastronomic traditions of Asian countries of Japan, China, Thailand, and India , Mexico with their unusual combination of sweet-sour and spicy flavors.

It is the wealth of spices, seafood and sauces that creates a bright personality of this gastronomic trend. Regularly, there are new items in the menu, positions for vegetarians and people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Initially, we are focused on food delivery in the city, there is also the possibility of self-delivery of your orders. We are not resting on our laurels, we will improve thanks to our customers!

Our Team